New Association for Media Practice Academics.

At an inaugural conference held in Birmingham on 7th July, a group of 12 academics agreed the following:


1 To set up an association for our community; suggestion for a name was the ‘Association of Media Practice Academics’.


2 We set up a site which celebrates the work of media practice academics. It will value industry experience and share colleagues’ ongoing media work. It will also serve as a means of articulating what happens within HE academic practice and further confirm its credibility.


3 We will investigate setting up a new online peer-reviewed (by us) journal hosting analysis, scholarship in different forms, reviews and resources that can include multimedia of good practice in research, teaching and student outcomes.


4 We will use this site and the Association to lobby for better practice/research equivalence within HE.


5 We also lobby for definitions of Professorships which recognise practice work.


6 We will support colleagues in taking up practice based PhDs, where they choose to follow that path, and perhaps also devise a new kind of ‘media practitioner’ PhD.


7 We will publicise ‘good practice’ in terms of practitioners entering academia and their career progression in HE.



2 thoughts on “New Association for Media Practice Academics.

  1. I’m sorry to have missed this opportunity to discuss something very close to my own heart. However, it sounds like you have made real progress and I’d definitely like to be part of the new group. We had a fascinating talk from Sue Rigby, vice principal of teaching and learning at Edinburgh University, here last week. She said her university is working to redress the balance between teaching and learning on the one hand, and research on the other, and is altering its promotion procedures to reflect the shift towards value based on teaching and learning. So this seems connected. She was an inspiring speaker – basically, she said universities need to stop thinking they’re repositories of academic knowledge (as this can be got elsewhere to an extent, with the internet etc), but instead need to think in terms of skills they can help their students to obtain. Sounds like a rallying cry for practitioners! It was certainly music to my ears.

  2. Sounds interesting Jenny. Is there a link we can share to some of her comments? Altering promotion procedures sounds like putting money where mouths are. Many colleagues would be keen to see this information.

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