…and more!

Welcome too, to Craig Hooper from the University of South Wales and Karl Hodge from Leeds Metropolitan.

1 thought on “…and more!

  1. This looks like a handy place to post a link to an interesting piece I just read at the British Press Photographer’s Association, which discusses “academic drift”. That’s the tendency for vocational degrees to drift towards theoretical delivery in response to institutional pressures (whether subtle or enshrined in hiring practices). The post uses TV’s The Big Bang Theory as an analogy.

    Though this applies here to the teaching of photography and photojournalism, the post mentions a paper by the University of Manchester’s Dr. Jonathan Harwood:

    “Dr Jonathan Harwood is Emeritus Professor of History of Science & Technology at the University of Manchester and he wrote a very interesting paper entitled “Understanding Academic Drift: On the Institutional Dynamics of Higher Technical and Professional Education” in which he identified a trend in higher education whereby knowledge which is intended to be useful gradually loses close ties to practice while becoming more tightly integrated with one or other body of scientific knowledge. One of his key conclusions was that as teachers search for status in the academic hierarchy there is a tendency to mimic colleagues with perceived (or actual) higher status and that choice of language (dense ‘academic’ jargon, etc) is one obvious way to achieve this.”

    It’s an interesting read:


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