Lovely to see you….

Just hosted AMPA 2 and thanks to the academics who gathered to discuss practice PhDs, the value and worth of news and production days as well as how universities deal with running media practice courses.

Plenty of discussion and a lovely spirit of camaraderie across the day.

We came up with lots of suggestions for the way ahead. They’ll be shared on this page and elsewhere.


3 thoughts on “Lovely to see you….

  1. Looking forward to seeing the results of this gathering and I wish I could have been there. Still interested to know if there is a space for Media Practice Pedagogy in this group and if not where is the space for this important topic in the community?

  2. I think media practice pedagogy is exactly what AMPA is about along with finding ways to support and value practitioners working in HE (sometimes alongside maintaining their practice careers). The important thing to me is that all those fields are legitimate areas for study and discussion by practitioners – film-makers, producers, documentary makers, journalists whatever – working as teachers and are not to be left solely to theoreticians, much as we value their input.

  3. What was nice about AMPE all those years ago is they made space for the pedagogy of media practice education and there were some great panels, speakers and so on. What I find with MeCSSA and the Practice Section is that pedagogy is sidelined in favour of practice-based research by academics. Even at the JMP Symposium pedagogy is pushed to the outskirts and you end up in a room of five people as everyone runs for the practice-based research sessions. This is a problem in a subject discipline where time and time again the lack of pedagogic research has been identified as a problem (I can cite chapter and verse on this one). It is all very well pursuing our careers, making our films, doing our practice-based research but… and maybe I am alone here, we are teaching practice as well! If we don’t engage pedagogically with our teaching of practice then we have a serious problem and I for one am not impressed by the claims made for teaching practice in our subject discipline. There is good practice of course, there is lots of interesting and exciting innovation, but where is the critical evaluation of our curriculum? There are some who say we are not as good at teaching media practice as we think we are. That we maybe practitioners but it is not enough on its own we should be teachers as well. That is my feeling and I have yet to see any space for this topic at JMP, MeCSSA or AMPA…. :0)

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