Research Proposal – can you help?

Research ProposalDr Emma Hemmingway – MA Course Leader Broadcast Journalism

 A study of experiential learning opportunities within University Journalism Schools involving external, professional collaborators. Exploring the employability implications, opportunities for widening participation and the pedagogical challenges proffered by such innovative learning environments.

The study will concentrate on two main case studies at NTU but I am looking to extend this to other institutions hence this posting. If you believe that a professional collaboration within your institution should be mentioned within the study I would be very keen for you to get in touch. The study will be exploring the following partnerships at NTU and I am seeking to include other similar case studies for the project.


1. Year 3 broadcast and print BA students who are currently working on the Notts TV pathway within CBJ’s newsroom.

2. MA Magazine students who are working in collaboration with the magazine The Voice.

 As such the study will explore whether these pathway experiences effectively respond to the University’s own core goals as outlined in the strategic plan and curriculum refresh as well as to the recent Government white paper. The previous years’ student cohort will be contacted in each case and interviewed and statistics collated in terms of demographics and employability.

The study will look at such issues as empowering student learning, developing student ownership and responsibility for learning, the many and often complex pedagogical implications of creating professional environments for students and evidencing student progression and satisfaction within these environments.


It will also address the pedagogical challenges of bridging the gap between educational skill sets and expectations and those professional challenges that will face students on the pathways. Other pedagogical issues evidenced by the study will be an exploration of the application process of students for these pathways (fairness and equality of opportunity for all students), student satisfaction and retention within the pathway experience, and whether these are markedly different from other non-professional based learning experiences or environments.


It will also explore the pedagogical challenge of enabling students to move from simulated learning environments to professional ones, where the skills set may well be similar but responsibility for learning and professional commitment is markedly more demanding, where student engagement becomes a much clearer necessity and the risk of non-engagement much higher for the teaching institution, the professional body, as well as for the individual student.


The study will also examine the challenge of effectively assessing such pathways, whether or not more strategic assessments in terms of student engagement and reflection, rather than content is desirable, and how this assessment process would be or is received by students.


The research could be published as a number of related journal articles or indeed be developed into a longer monograph.

If you feel you would like to contribute to this study and have interesting and relevant case studies, please email me on


I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Emma Hemmingway



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