Welcome to the Association of Media Practice Academics

At an inaugural conference held in Birmingham on 7th July 2014, a group of 12 academics agreed the following:

1 To set up an association for our community; suggestion for a name was the ‘Association of Media Practice Academics’.

2 We set up a site which celebrates the work of media practice academics. It will value industry experience and share colleagues’ ongoing media work. It will also serve as a means of articulating what happens within HE academic practice and further confirm its credibility.

3 We will investigate setting up a new online peer-reviewed (by us) journal hosting analysis, scholarship in different forms, reviews and resources that can include multimedia of good practice in research, teaching and student outcomes.

4 We will use this site and the Association to lobby for better practice/research equivalence within HE.

5 We also lobby for definitions of Professorships which recognise practice work.

6 We will support colleagues in taking up practice based PhDs, where they choose to follow that path, and perhaps also devise a new kind of ‘media practitioner’ PhD.

7 We will publicise ‘good practice’ in terms of practitioners entering academia and their career progression in HE.